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5th Steering Committee Meeting



On September 25th of 2018, the fifth Steering Committee of the EU funded project Association4U took place. The event dedicated to discuss results of the project implementation and its future prospects, gathered representatives of the project beneficiaries, EU Delegation to Ukraine and project implementing Consortium GFA Consulting Group together with the project key and short term experts, as well as the key supporting force of all the project activities – its Fellows.


Addressing the honored audience, the Director of the Office for Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine Olga Stefanishyna pointed out: “We are extremely grateful to the Project for methodological and technical support in terms of realization this initiative together with the EU Delegation here and the European Commission in Brussels. Only for this year, we managed to translate around 10 thousand pages of EU acquis due to this project! In particular, we are grateful to Key Experts and Short-term Experts who were working with governmental institutions and GOCEEI in terms of advice and cooperation, and sometimes supporting and streamlining and coordination of some specific processes in specific spheres. Therefore, we are looking forward for the prolongation of the project».

At the same time, Head of the Press Office of the Vice Prime Minister for European & Euro-Atlantic Integration Olena Konoplia specified that the joint team is more than just a regular press service thanks to Association4U project & its Fellows, enlisting key deliverables of the project (website, information campaigns, communication products, public events).

Team Leader of the Project Dr. Janos Zakonyi underlined the capacity building nature of the Project and what we aim at is to change the mindset, to increase the knowledge and through this to improve the performance of our partners as much as possible.

Head of Operations Section 1 Good Governance and Democratization, EU Delegation, Martin Klaucke marked that the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union is not an easy process, bringing the country closer to the EU and communication of its costs and benefits gives better understanding to Ukrainians of AA related reforms.  

Each component presented core achievements for the last six months.

Key Expert on Legal Approximation and Translation Cezar Herma: “Translation of the EU legislation into Ukrainian, passing and drafting laws are in fact, changing the country. And only then these changes can be communicated by our colleagues. Moreover, I believe that the sectoral support delivered by the project and its fellows in terms of legal approximation is the most important part. Together with my colleagues we’ve developed guidelines and templates for legal approximation that can also be useful for the other ministries. Manual on legal approximation and a step by step guide on translation of legal documents into Ukrainian have been finalized by the project based on the best experiences of Central European and Balkan counties”.

Key Expert on Human Resource Development Marc van den Muijzenberg highlighted that “In essence, training component is the machine chamber of the project. Because we deliver trainings, select and recruit fellows and ensure that other components can contribute to with communication, policy-making, legal approximation and translation. The project with its fellows is a very innovative, unique and contributing to selecting new civil servants”.

Later, presenting achievements of his component, the Team Leader of the Project Dr. Janos Zakonyi added: “The main objective of our component is to improve analytical skills and policy-making competences. As a result, institutional coordination on implementation the Association Agreement has been improved. We have produced 8 guidelines, 21 analytical studies and business consultation papers available online.”

Key Expert on Communication and Public Outreach Liudmyla Kosar underlined the role of communication in forming conscious majority supporting EUI. Major achievements of the component are the EUI web-portal, Helpdesks, key messages on EU-UA cooperation for 10 line Ministries, Ukraine-wide and sectoral communication campaigns, a number of information products, targeted trainings & workshops for press-offices and communication units of government institutions & the Communication Toolkit for public servants. All these gives good grounds for sustainable results to be preserved and multiplied by government institutions.

Sector Manager at the EU Delegation to Ukraine Dobromir Hristov summarized: “Today I must say I am really impressive by the contributions of the project and I am happy to be a part of it. It is impressive how many initial goals of the project have materialized till now. I am sure the next six months of the project will be even more successful and I hope, in a half a year will have even a greater steering committee meeting with better results.”