Component I

 Legal approximation and policy implementation

 What do we do in this area?

  • Together with the key beneficiaries and AA implementing Line Ministries and agencies, the Project is working on the creation of a coherent system for approximation of Ukrainian legislation to the EU acquis. The process is successful when equipped with quality translations. 
  • To meet the demand, TAT is setting up a system for certified translation of EU acquis & Ukrainian legal acts foreseen under implementation of AA.  New system for certified translations will include unified glossary and, being funded by EU, will save state budget money.
  • Setting up the system for certified translations works on the improvement of the institutional memory, which is hardly possible with outsourced translations.
  • In addition, the project is to develop and set up a comprehensive Management Information System for EU legal approximation, including monitoring, reporting, impact assessment and adjustment, when it comes to AA Implementation.

Twitter profile dedicated to the EU law and EU legal approximation in Ukraine, managed by the Project Key Expert for Legal Approximation: 

Reviews of important developments in EU law and EU legal approximation in Ukraine prepared by the Project Team:

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EU law compliance check and tables of compliance

Guidelines by A4U (Eng) | Guidelines by A4U (Ukr)


Review of case law

 Review of case law (Ukr) | Review of case law (Eng)