Component IV

 Public Communication and Outreach

What do we do in this area?

  • Any society facing serious changes, experiences natural feeling of fear. Ukrainian is not an exclusion. The issue at stake is the Association Agreement. Our team will work on raising awareness about AA reforms, which is to level down existing concerns and work for better understanding of what kind of changes to expect, how these changes may affect our every day life, how the government is going to deal with challenges related to country reforming.
  • Clear understanding of what to expect from certain reforms is possible when different sources of information complement each other. Good, if public servants responsible for communication, come out with mutually complementing messages, each of them adding details that form overall reform picture. Though in practice it's not always the case.
  • To solve the problem, the Project, together with the Government Office for European Integration, Office of the Vice Prime Minister for European & Euro-Atlantic Integration and the Line Ministries, will develop a common communication plan to inform the society about costs and benefits of sectoral reforms within the framework of the Association Agreement. We expect that in its turn, this will contribute to coordination of actions and coherence of messages when it comes to communicating reforms.
  • Implementation of the common communication plan requires from communication units of key ministries and agencies, an additional knowledge and skills on how to explain to citizens what are the advantages and challenges of reforming the country within the framework of the Association Agreement. And what is the most important is that future communicators should be fully aware of what's in the AA and its framework reforming. So we are going to have lots of trainings!
  • An important issue is public participation in country reforming. And it's crucial to find, test and launch new forms of public consultations.  Creation of a web portal for comprehensive coverage of European integration can be an advanced solution on required information search in one click.