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Програма залучення фахівців

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Goals of the programme

The Fellowship Programme is thought to expand and complement the existing capacities in line Ministries and executive institutions and to build-up capacity of support outside the government. The Fellows will contribute to the sustained and effective implementation of the AA/DCFTA through training, coaching and technical expertise.

What is a fellow?

Fellow are persons who will assist the GOEI and line ministries in implementing the obligations under the AA/DCFTA agreement. The fellows will be placed permanently in their host organisations and provide support with AA/DCFTA tasks. Senior fellows have an additional role in providing training and coaching to juniors.

The required qualifications for fellows are:


Qualifications and skills
  At least a Bachelor degree in the relevant field, preferably a Master degree
General professional experience


At least 10 years of general professional experience



At least 7 years of general professional experience

Specific professional experience


Minimum of 7, preferably 10 years of specific experience in the relevant area



Minimum of 5 preferably 7 years of specific experience in the relevant area




Language skills


Excellent English and Ukrainian language skills (oral and writing).


The difference to Short Term experts is that STs will provide only very specific tailored advice like papers, concepts and training.

Fellows are persons aimed to

Establishing partnerships: The Fellows collaborate with civil servants and support them in their daily work. This approach offers mutual benefits: the different profiles and seniority levels of the Fellows provide tailored and meaningful support towards fulfilling the various tasks of the Annual Action Plans. At the same time, fellows will be fully exposed to public administration procedures and thus, ‘trained-on-the-job’.

Providing consultancy: Senior and Associate Fellows enhance the competences of civil servants and the trust in effective service delivery with respect to AA implementation through provision of consultancy, training and coaching services. Moreover, they act as ‘mentor’ of the Junior Fellows, providing technical advice and close guidance to them for the duration of the Project.

Establishing a new cadre of public servants: by having highly competent staff for the continuous implementation the AA agreement allows the placement organisations to assess if a further cooperation on the base of full time employment is desired.

There are three seniority categories of Fellows foreseen in the Programme:

Senior Fellow: They will be placed in the line Ministries providing sectorial support, involved in legal approximation and translation as well as in AA/DCFTA training activities and AA-related communication issues

Associate Fellow: They will predominately support to legal translation, legal approximation and sectorial policies.

Junior Fellow: The vast majority of Junior Fellows will support the legal translations and 20 Juniors will work on legal approximation

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