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Steering Committee on the Project implementation

Live discussions of the 1st wave of recruiting under the Project Fellowship Programme & first project results in the fields of legal approximation, human resources development, coordination of EUI processes and communicating AA reforms. Gathering of Deputy Ministers on EUI Integration, heads of units of the priority AA implementing Line Ministries, representatives of the EU Delegation to Ukraine and of the Support Group to Ukraine, as well as partnering projects at one place. It’s all about the 1st Steering Committee Meeting on the implementation of the EU funded Project Association4U, held on September 21/2016.

The core of the Project is EU Fellowship Programme, aiming to recruit local professionals (junior, associate & seniors) to strengthen the human resources capacities of Ukrainian Government Institutions for comprehensive implementation of their commitments under the the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

According to the Team Leader of the Assocoation4U Project Janos Zakonyi, it is the first EU Project in Ukraine, which involves such a wide range of local fellows. “It is a new type EU funded Project, the results of which to more than 90% depend on capacities, commitments & work of the Ukrainian partners & Fellows!” Indeed, 93,3% out of total number of work days under the Project falls on Fellows, whose total contribution to the Project equals to the work of 100 employees for two years & three months.

To add, Association4U Project is training young generation of professionals on EU Integration that will hopefully continue working for Ukrainian Government Institutions as public servants. 

The beneficiaries of the Assocoation4U Project are the Office of the Vice Prime Minister for European Integration, Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, and priority AA implementing Line Ministries. Thus, the Project is already, in accordance to its concept, is contributing to the implementation of AA/DCFTA.

by Ivan Gaivanovych, Senior Communication Fellow