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Induction Training for Translation Fellows

During October 3 – 13 of 2016 the classrooms of the National Academy of Public Administration were full of languages and terms. The Training Unit started its 1st Induction Training for Translation Fellows in the framework of the Human Resource Development Component's Fellowship Program of the EU funded project Association4U.

The Trainees are benefiting from solid background & professional experience of the best Trainers: Professor of Law of the Westmnster University Adam Lazowski, Professor of Law of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy Roman Petrov, Association4U Training Expert Marc Van Den Mujizinberg and the team of professional Senior Trainers Lyudmyla Cheirnyaha, Maryna Chulayevska and Svitlana Batsyukova. (to know more about professional background of the Association4U Training Unit, please click here).

Dobromir Hristov, 1st Sector Manager of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, opening the Training, underlined that particularly in the framework of this project we form the new generation of professional for the AA/DCFTA implementation. "I am more then sure, that knowledge and skills you are to acquire in the course of the Training programme, will become a precondition for your future successful careers either at public service, or academic and/or business environment”, - stressed Hristov.

Deputy Head of the Patronage Service of the Vice-Prime Minister on European & Euro-Atlantic Integration, Olga Stefanyshyna, pointed out how important this newly formed translation capacities are for the Government Office, which is according to CMU Resolution #160 is assigned with the functions “to translate EU Acquis into Ukrainian and assure updates of the EU Acquis Glossary terminology”.

Opening the Training, the Association4U Project Team Leader Janos Zakonyi underlined the main objective of the project which is to enhance capacities and effectiveness of the government institutions to assure coordinated & comprehensive implementation of Ukraine’s commitments arising from the implementation of the EU-Ukraine association Agreement.

President of the National Academy of Public Administration, Vasyl Kuybida expressed his gratitude to the Project for trust and cooperation opportunities.

Announcing the Training Programme, Key Expert of the Human Resource Development Component Mark Pinder explains this Programme is called to equip Ukrainian public servants and the project fellows with knowledge and skills, required for the AA implementation by Ukraine’s government institutions.

Key Expert of Legal Approximation & Translation Component Cesar Herma explained what kind of thorough preparation proceeded the current Induction Training for Translation Fellows: development of the Fellowship Programme concept, Recruitment Tool development & launch, processing of applications, interviews, selection of best qualified translators of three layers (junior, associate & senior), each of which has his/her own tasks (translating legal acts, proofreading translations, coordinating translation processes).

The Training Programme consists of general and specific training sessions: understanding the EU from economic cooperation to common values and parallels with Ukrainian historic & political events for better understanding of the euro-integration processes, pros and cons of the AA (& DCFTA particularly), base of useful resources on the EU-related issues, peculiarities of the Ukrainian legal language, technical skill to operate translation software. Senior Translation Fellow Olexiy Tertychnyi during his session constantly underlines the importance of the translations’ quality assurance.

Upon completion of this Induction Training for Translation Fellows 33 Translators (4 Seniors, 10 Associates & 19 Juniors) will start their work to the benefit of the Assocition4U key beneficiary – Government Office for European & Euro-Atlantic Integration. We still have couple of training days ahead of us, so let’s go on!