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Association4U Training Unit starts its work


Please meet the Association4U Training Unit (left to right): Senior Trainer Maryna Chulaievska, Key Expert on HRD Mark Pinder, Junior Fellow Alina Shymanska, Senior Trainer Svitlana Batsyukova,  Senior Trainer Lyudmyla Chernyaha & short-term expert on trainings Marc van den Muijzenberg.

The main task of the Unit is to develop and deliver trainings for Fellows (hired in the framework of the Project Fellowship Programme), the Project's key beneficiaries and the priority Line Ministries, implementation the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

The first training of the Association4U Training Unit will be: Pre-placement Induction training for Translation fellows, to be organized in close cooperation with the National Academy of Public Administration. Next trainings will cover legal approximation, sectorial policies, policy making and other topics based on needs of the project beneficiaries and priority AA implementing Line Ministries. 

Our Trainers:

Senior Trainer Liudmyla Chernyaha is Assisting Professor at Lviv National Ivan Franko University, teaching international economic relations & specializing in world economy & international relations. She is the author of more then 25 scientific works on the theory of development of the national economics, their developments & interrelations, European economic integration. Starting from 1997 Lyudmyla Chernyaha has been working for the Lion Society, developing communication strategies and training leaders, responsible for financial management of UCAN project implemented by West-Ukrainian Resource Centre. In 2008 Lyudmyla Chernyaha was researcher of the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES), at the George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA. 

Senior Trainer Maryna Chulayevska is Assisting Professor at the National Academy of Public Administration, teaching public administration, European Integration and national security. More then ten years of Maryna's career are dedicated to the EU history, EU Institutions & EU Law, EUI policy of Ukraine, EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. Chulayevska is leading development of Master's programs for public servants in the area of EU integration at the National Academy of Public Administration. Studied at German Academy of the EU Law ERA.

Senior Trainer Svetlana Batsyukova is experienced Trainer, carrying out her training programs and modules in Ukraine and abroad. Developed and conducted more then 50 trainings, seminars and conferences. Svetlana is the Teacher of Vilnus University. Favorite of her courses is Advocacy & society", being delivered to the EU students.

Junior Trainer Alina Shymanska is just acquiring her training experience. Alina is very active peace builder, who has represented Ukraine this September at Young Peace Builders Forum 2016. Shymanska, like all invited to the Forum, have already made her contribution to the process of advocating of youth participation in peace building, in the light of UN Security Council Resolution 2250. 

Proud to have such a great team! Welcome on Board!

by Oksana Shamonova, Associate Communication Fellow.