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The Pre-placement Induction Training for Fellows in Legal Approximation and Sectorial Policy


What does the Association Agreement mean? How to provide assistance in drafting new AA related legislation? How to support AA implementation, including planning, monitoring and reporting? How to provide ad hoc legal expertise? How to contribute to assessment of regulatory, economic and social impact of newly approximated legislation?

Answers to these and other questions could be heard from 14 November to 2 December 2016 during the second Induction Training for Fellows in EU law, EU approximation and the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement/DCFTA at The National Academy of Public Administration.

We could write a book in order to tell what was discussion about throughout 15 days of training, but only the most important things will be noted. And communicators should keep small secrets as well. (last sentance can be deleted)

Thus, during the series of training leading European experts, sociologists and politicians shared experiences how their countries have been going towards the EU. Also, the following topics were discussed: Association Agreement with the EU and what it means to Ukraine, legislation, institutions and principles of the EU internal market and its sectoral policy. The experts were also able to get additional skills of communication and negotiation, which is an extremely important tool for their work.



In particular, Sector Manager of the EUD Mr. Dobromir Hristov has launched a series of training sessions and reminded experts about their mission in the project. A team-leader Assocition4U Mr. Janos Zakonyi shared his vision of what young people can do for the prosperity and development of Ukraine.

Foreign experts - representative of Poland at the European Comission Jan Truszczynski, former minister of Justice and Finance of Hungary Tibor Draskovics, Professor of Law of the Westminster University Adam Lazowski and short-term expert Marek Tabor - shared experiences of their countries in the practice of institutional coordination due to the conditions of the Association Agreement. Moreover, the participants of the training heard the main points of EU law and set first steps for Ukraine to get closer to these legal provisions. Key expert of Association4U Mark Pinder told about written communication in public admistration that each expert must know for effective work in the cooperation with Government agencies.

InductionTraining has been held within the framework of EU-funded project Association4U.

Upon completion of this Training 50 fellows started their work to the benefit of key beneficiary – Government Office for European & Euro-Atlantic Integration  and Line ministries.


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Article written by Communication Fellow

Oksana Shamonova