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Key messages for target audiences

How to create the right messages? How to tailor them to various target audiences? What was the experience of member states, which recently joined the EU, Latvia in particular? And finally, how to break through a huge number of legislative acts incorporated in more then 1200 pages of AA? The answer to these and other questions were provided by the Short-Term Expert of the Association4U Project Mara Dzirniece and Associated Communication Fellow Lidiia Yershykhina, who on December 9, 2016, conducted a morning workshop for the representatives of communication units of the priority AA implementing Line Ministries.

Association Agreement is the topic that requires deep understanding in order to be explained in simple words. And that is one of the reasons why public servants of the Line Ministries, involved in communication of the reforms within the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, are to constantly deepen their knowledge, looking for the new ways to communicate what is in the AA implementation.

The experts underlined that the main task for communications specialists is to inform an average citizen about AA in a simple comprehensible form. People are willing to know how the AA implementation will influence their lives, what kind of advantages they will receive in the end. Directives and Regulations should be referred to last of all as for the wide public it is extremely difficult to understand them. At the same time, the legislative acts should be mentioned as the trustworthy source of information and serve as an encyclopedia for the most curious citizens and professionals.

In addition, the experts explained how legislative changes could be communicated and provided examples of key messages for each ministry. For instance, when tackling amendments in the sector of electricity, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry could inform the public about the following positive shifts: no more electricity cuts, better quality of services, protection of vulnerable population and many more.

The common messages on the Association Agreement for almost all the Line Ministries

  • Economic prosperity of the country
  • Improvement of the quality of life
  • Advanced environmental protection
  • Efficient protection of consumers’ rights
  • Better quality of services
  • Improvement of working conditions

Profile messages for the priority Line Ministries are developed and presented to the beneficiaries by the Association4U Project Communication Team and (in addition to follow up mails with presentations being as a rule sent to the workshop participants) can be obtained by anyone interested in the topic by sending us relevant request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and us providing you with this workshop presentation ;-)