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Strategic governmental communications workshop: How and what to tackle

The importance of a consistent strategic communication approach is recognized by all the public service experts around the world. Tailored messages, delivered by all key speakers of the government, clear and professional support materials - all of that results in a singular, persuasive and trustful communication, which is able to push ahead changes in audience’s attitude towards certain processes or decisions.

In order to give beneficiaries - communication specialists of Line Ministries and GOEI/VPM EU integration office - a better understanding of modern approaches towards building strategic governmental communication, Association4U Senior Communication Fellow Yevgen delivered on October 27, 2016 a 2-hour workshop on the related issue. It was based on US and UK experience, with references to current state of StratCom in Ukraine.

Attendees have learned, how StratCom is defined by the leading US think tank RAND, how important is the balance between informing and influencing, and how engagement helps to gain sympathy from the audience.

They have discovered 4 basic principles of strategic communication:

-          informing, influencing and persuading is a natural function of any authority;

-          every message should be precise and truthful;

-          coordination and mediation of conflicts between bodies and offices helps to avoid message cannibalization;

-          actions speak for themselves.


The last 30 minutes of workshop passed in a fruitful discussion, where attendees described problems they face in their everyday routine, how they try to tackle a sustainable lack of attention towards communication issues from many key stakeholders and what can be the approach to the coordination of consistent communication, emerging from the Ukrainian government.