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Strategic Social Media Action Plan: workshop by Yiannis Kaminis

People in Ukraine perceive the Association Agreement as the provision of visas to travel and opportunity to export goods to the countries of the European Union. Other aspects have not been brought to mass exposure. There is lack of awareness as to what the Association Agreement represents for the life of civilians in Ukraine. There is also lack of awareness about every Ministry’s role in connection with the Association Agreement and how EU funds support the process. That is why Ukraine needs an effective information campaign that, in turn, requires an Action Plan.

An answer how to develope a Strategic Social Media Action Plan and effectively implement it through social media can be heard during the workshop conducted be STE from Greece Yiannis Kaminis.

This workshop can be considered as tool to assist with on-job components.

First of all, for effective implementation of the Action plan answer the following questions: where are we now? where do we want to go? how will we get there? who will be responsible for the project? who will do what for how long and at what cost? how will we evaluate what we do? And only then we can start to act.

It is necessary to conduct a SWOT-analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) that in fact will immediately give an understanding where are you and what threatens the project.

For example, weaknesses are the following realities:

  • Ÿ  all beneficiaries claim to be understaffed and they are already over-delivering. They rely heavily on volunteer work placement employees;
  • Ÿ  lack of strategic focus due to limited human resources and limited available time to implement new creative ideas;
  • Ÿ  low publics' interest because they do not see a direct effect with their lives;
  • Ÿ  lack of media monitoring;
  • Ÿ  lack of EU legislative interpretation to simple and meaningful language for the civil society.

However, there are many opportunities:

  • Ÿ  new SM platforms such as Linkedin and Instagram are being developed;
  • Ÿ  using Twitter as an international point of publicity with the use of punchy phrases and news;
  • Ÿ  using social media to get insights on the EU integration process;
  • Ÿ  fundraising for resources through the SM.

Nowadays, all ministries encourage the masses to actively use all the advantages that offers the Association Agreement. But we should remember that our stakeholders can be divided by segments:

Parliamentarians, all Ministries, sector agencies, international donors, consideration of synergies;

  • Ÿ  regional authorities: City Councils, Municipalities;
  • Ÿ  mass media (online and offline);
  • Ÿ  business Sector, SMEs;
  • Ÿ  The General Public (Civil Society & NGOs).

Knowing all your strengths and weaknesses and become acquainted with the audience, you can begin to develop ideas through research campaigns and the creation of a working team. The last one may be: communicators, social media and communication with colleagues from the other ministries, journalists, editors, consultants and experts of EU issues.

Creating an idea of your campaign, plan to use it not only in social media but in mass media as well. For example, coverage an item on TV will bring you publicity. In fact, the mass media will do the work for you.

Do not forget to involve the audience in the campaign - it is necessary to know what time is the most productive for publications in social media.

And the most important thing! Your audience - is your partner. Therefore, create a basis for long-term relationships and then your campaign will become popular and effective.


Material prepared by Oksana Shamonova