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How to implement the Social Media action plan to promote the Association Agreement: workshop by Yiannis Kaminis

Nowadays, Social Media is not just a platform that informs an audience about activities of ministries, but also is available to carry out massive campaign about reforms within the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. But before beginning the creation of a campaign communicators have to develop a strategy and an action plan of communication in SM. But the most interesting thing is that every ministry, in case of providing professional and serious approach, can conduct a campaign free of charge.

How to implement an action plan in SM for communication the Association Agreement told short-term expert of new media Yiannis Kaminis (Greece).

The workshop was designed to encourage participation of Ministry representatives who either function as full time or part-time specialists in Social Media Management, in order to discuss and co-create Social Media Implementation related to the Association Agreement and within the frame of the project Association4U.

Following the strategic Social Media action plan in December 2016 and Guidelines training held in November 2016, this workshop was designed to assist the Ukranian beneficiaries with Social Media implementation incorporating elements of:

·         Corporate ID and Branding Design of the #playinEUteam to be launched at the end of February 2017

·         Development of Creative Content for Social Media with propositions of Slogans and Artwork of SM posts per Ministry 

·         Recommendations for message adaptation and development for different Social Media for the campaign launch.

Greek expert also gave answers to the following questions:

- how to create a branding? what rules should we follow?

- what are the experience and the promises of the brand? 

- how to start a Social Media campaign branding?

- recommendations for campaign launch preparation

- content proposition for Social Media campaigns per Ministry  

The workshop participants were prompted to consider different creative executions of logotypes and select their favorite as a group. Various Social Media posts were also discussed and an adaptation for outdoor media campaigns was also presented. And practical examples were used to demonstrate real case studies as food for thought and inspiration. 


by Oksana Shamonova