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The communication experience Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

In addition to training on international best practices of building communications Association4U project becomes a platform where representatives of the press services of line ministries can exchange experiences on the use of communications tools in Ukraine. The first of their experience building relationships with stakeholders shared with colleagues the spokesperson of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) Olga Grigoryan.

The basis of all communication center is a structural connection AMC. Through it all have functioning committee structure and promptly provide any information.

Structured communication AMC divided into:

·         internal (information interaction between structural units);

·         external (events involving representatives of agencies and / or information aimed at external stakeholders);

·         interdepartmental (memoranda etc.);

·         international (activities conducted internationally).

One of the peculiarities of the AMC is that there is a clear separation of speakers on levels and trends of comments.

Information materials on AMC may take the form of a message and press release or announcement. These published materials be it at AMC, or sent as letter mail by sending the media.

In the past, these reports have a fair issue, because reporters speculated these texts in their own way, sometimes distorting the original information.

So, now the AMC resorted to their own know-how - press releases sent or seal of the committee, or the sign of the copyright in the end. This allowed legally to reinforce the need for accurate citation information in the press releases.

In their work, the press service uses a set of tools that allows you to quickly decide simplify and coordinate communication.

The most interesting communication tools AMC are:

·         Speakers / blogs. Several representatives AMC permanently blogs on major Internet portals and write a column.

·         Off-record meeting with the media. Meetings are held with the journalists leading specialized publications. While such measures discussed the issues of interest to the media and focused more on clarifying provisions than the preparation of publications.

·         Web conference.

·         Trips to museums AMC. They are held for students and their teachers. The greatest interest in causing AMC stands dedicated to the fight against unfair competition. Specifically, examples of forgery and misuse of famous domestic and foreign brands of medicines, hygiene products, food, beverages and more.

Communication and feedback is a very important aspect of the press center. The following communication channels with the Committee:

·         AMC Skype-communication. Remote reception of citizens in video mode (via Skype-communication) authorized by the State Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

·         Official Website AMC. The site also has a heading of "interrogation".

·         Subscribe to news AMC.

·         The base distribution (email) to the media as press releases, and other important documents. Addressees sorted in separate groups

·         Facebook and Twitter pages AMC.