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“ABC of the European Union” Training hosted by State Service on Labour

On March 10, the first training session for Civil Servants entitled “ABC of the European Union” was held, aiming at improving and strengthening the competencies of civil servants needed for the effective implementation of duties associated with implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

The training was conducted by Lyudmyla Chernyaha, Senior Training Fellow of ‘Association 4U’ project. 23 Civil Servants from the Ministry of Social Policy, State Service on Labour, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education and Science were active participants in the session.

The training was hospitably hosted by the State Service on Labour.

The “ABC of the European Union” featured the following topics: The beginning and formation of European integration, European integration factors; Constituent treaties of the European Union (Parisian, Roman, Single European Act, Maastricht and Lisbon treaties); Stages and forms of international economic integration; the EU budget; Priorities of the EU development; Eurozone, Schengen Area; the institutional structure of the EU.

More in-service trainings are planned for the months of March and April.