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Drafting briefs and adjusting Social Media messages to the audience: training by Yiannis Kaminis

Every team of all the Ministries requires such a basic but important document as brief. In order good writing and effective communication we need to follow certain rules - that were said by Greek short-term expert Yiannis Kaminis.

Before writing the brief, you should remember and take into account points of view and positions of our Leaders. Once you have written the brief - send it to Directors for approval. If changes need to be made, get it revised until it is approved! When you have reached agreement you are free to go ahead with creative development.

Answers to the next questions will help you to create really good and constructive brief:

1. What is the background of current and previous communication activities?

2. What is the aim of the communication? (what you want to achieve with this in terms of awareness? is your communication is a part of a powerful campaign?)

3. What is the target audience (media, civil society, international donors, etc.)?

4. What is the idea and slogan?

5. What is the tone of voice of your communication campaign?

6. How is this idea justified for the target audience?

7. How do you want the audience think and feel?

8. What kind of reaction do you expect?

9. Which media will be used?

10. What is the deadline (dates for first drafts, final artwork, dispatch by communication vehicle)?

When the brief is ready for distribution, you are can start to launch an information campaign in social media (SM). However, each audience requires certain types of messages. Therefore, Mr. Yiannis Kaminis together with communicators of Line Ministries discussed an adjusting of messages due to its expectations, attitudes and character. Indeed, despite some general characteristics of each social network each of items has its own format and audience. For content creators is very important to find the right tone and information that meet the audience’s needs.

It is worth remembering! The same content can not fit all Social Media and various audiences. When it comes to the development of an information campaign, we must be ready to adapt.

Despite you need to look for an approach to each audience individually, there is a good side of the coin. For example, the campaign can take place in parallel for both social media and to target media that will use the same SM.

Moreover, expert advises to be ready for providing more information, to answer inconvenient questions and to create mechanisms for responding to crisis.

Thus, all the relevant materials on information campaign should be placed on different resources: at the official website of the Ministry, in newsletters, on the pages of technical assistance (eg, Association4U).

During the workshop, Mr. Yiannis Kaminis suggested each ministry to use developed newsletters for agencies and information campaigns.

Written by - Oksana Shamonova