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Why do Ukrainian Ministries need public consultations: training by Lidiia Yershykhyna

The level of consciousness of Ukrainians has greatly increased during the last few years. Citizens are willing to take responsibility for the words and actions and to participate in policy that could certainly be useful for Ministries. The efficiency of public consultations depends not only on public understanding and support of public policy, but often on the quality of decisions on important issues of public life. Due to this important role of consultations Associate Communication Fellow of the project Association4U Lidia Yershykhina has conducted the training for the Line Ministries to explain mechanisms of improving the consultation process within the law. 

Public consultations may be conducted in the form of conferences, forums, public hearings, round tables, meetings, online-conferences, meetings, meetings of community councils and other subsidiary bodies.

In the frames of public consultations Social Councils play a very important role. SC defined as a temporary advisory body with the Ministries and other central executive authorities, regional administrations to facilitate public participation in the formulation and implementation of public policy.

In simple words, these Councils have to help the public to control the activities of officials. Community councils should consist maximum of 35 people, representatives of civil society, which carry out their activities in the field related to the activities of the relevant body and hold meetings at least 1 time per quarter. The nature of these Councils is advisory.

About results or why ministries proactively inform stakeholders and citizens in general to hold consultations while they face many other problems. Communication with the public, if it is provided in proper way, allows us to give citizens the opportunity to participate in decision-making, to establish a dialogue with the public, enlist the support of citizens during the holding difficult reforms.


And remember: do not adjust the public against you, when it is possible to persuade citizens to the side of Ministry and even get some help. And the Public Consultations will help you to reach this goal.