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Training on AA/DCFTA: ‘Rules of Origin and PanEuroMed’

The training on AA/DCFTA: ‘Rules of Origin and Paneuromed’ was conducted in the framework of Component 3 and Component 2 on 21 of July in Kyiv (hotel Khreshchatyk). The training attended 23 participants from MEDT (Ministry of Economic Development and Trade), Ministry of Finances, State Fiscal Service (including Custom Posts), representatives of Automotive and Textile Associations. The Programme was prepared by STE Stefan Moser in close cooperation with TL Janos Zakonyi and STE Mark Hellyer in response to the demand of MEDT.

The training on AA/DCFTA: Rules of Origin and Paneuromed Convention (PEM) covered the following topics:

  • AA/DCFTA. Rules of origin,
  • Rules of origin in the PEM: possible impacts on the business sector and opportunities,
  • Round-table discussion (experts, civil servants and representatives from business sphere)  

           The training was opened with a welcoming note by Oleksiy Rozhkov, Head of the Division of the Department for Co-operation with the EU - Deputy Director of Department for International Trade and Economic Cooperation and European Integration of MEDT and Dr. Janos Zakonyi, TL of the Association 4U project.

           Mr. Rozhkov placed attention on the necessity to understand the subject of PEM due to negotiations on the entering Ukraine to PEM. Dr. Zakonyi presented the Association4U project and called for further cooperation.

            The first session of the training explained the opportunity for business operators to trade goods in the framework of AA/DCFTA with the EU at preferential tariff rates, i.e. duty free or with tariff reductions. The trainer outlined that the main requirement for Ukrainian producers is to meet the “rules of origin” for their products. Some sectors might face challenges, while others should be ready to seize opportunities.

            The second and third sessions explained in detail the Pan-euromed Convention (the context of bilateral relations, the current rules of origin). Mr. Moser highlighted historical background, current state of affairs and benefits of it. Also, it was mentioned that the compatible rules of origin could greatly help Ukrainian companies in trading with EU and other countries and for this it is necessary to enter Pan-euromed Convention.

            The round-table discussion gave an opportunity to build a communication platform for private sector and civil servants working in the field. During this session a lively discussion took place about the Certificate EUR 1, issuing procedure and responsible institutions.