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2nd Strategic Communication Networking Event

All the time and effort put into networking can be all for naught if there is no follow up & follow through, which in their turn help to build fruitful working relations. Guided by these thought, communication team of the Association4U has organized and conducted 2nd Strategic Communication Networking Event on September 22 of 2017. 

Why this internal event is of external importance is in our brief article about the event.

2nd Strategic Communication Networking Event has proved to become a good platform for inter-fellows, inter-ministerial, project-beneficiary and donor-project-beneficiary working discussions in terms of deliverables and future plans. Why it's useful?

  • Joint with the supervisors presentations and discussion what is done by Communication Fellows together with communication units and/or press offices of the key beneficiaries and priority AA implementing Line Ministries helps to verify possible gaps in terms of internal communication;
  • Is a good opportunity for evaluation of contribution and involvement of fellows into communication activities of the beneficiaries and of the project, outlining joint plans, reaching agreement on planned involvement on certain important for Component 4 activities, where the participation of all fellows and efforts of supervisors are expected to be contributed (Communication Plans, Communication Toolkits, Workshops and Trainings, development of information products, Newsletter/s, etc.);
  • To recognize importance of fellows’ work and thank both, fellows and supervisors for cooperation;
  • Encourage Senior/Associate Fellows to deliver trainings to other Ministries where this “senior/associate” training capacity in the area of communication is absent;
  • To help new fellows to get systemic vision of joint communication activities, to provide clear vision of which activities are coordinated by which fellows, live formation of “activity teams”.

Interactive training session from guest speakers Lidiia Smola on public speaking techniques has become a great bonus to the participants in terms of acquiring professional knowledge and skills useful for everyday work.

Brief from discussion on effectiveness of reforms communicating:

  • Communicating reforms would have been more effective if government institutions fully realize that THEY are the first SOURCE of information about reforms and thus - plan & start information campaigns about planned reforms prior to their launch. In fact, it’s all about making communication a part of government institution’s management.
  • Unfortunately, neither EUI Communication Strategy, no public administration reform does not foresee human capacities for the implementation of EUI Communication Strategy.

Communication Team of the Association4U Project