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Training 'Evidence-based Public Policy Making'

On October 30th, the A4U team launched a four-day training program for civil servants of the Ministry of Eсology and Natural Resources of Ukraine about the formation of public policy.

The course is aimed at familiarizing the civil servants with the fundamental methods of forming state policy in Ukraine. In particular, the analysis of problems that need to be addressed, the formation of the idea of a political strategy, its choice and development.

The training focuses not only on theoretical but also on the practical aspects of the formation of public policy. In general, the training includes next parts:

  • Policy agenda;
  • Problem analysis;
  • Objective tree;
  • Policy idea;
  • Policy options;
  • Logical framework (approach);
  • Creating a policy paper.

At the first training, after listening and discussing the theoretical part, the listeners were divided into several working groups to solve a practical task. Each group should compile an objective tree within the next three days (environmental protection, biodiversity, industrial emissions).

The final result of their work will be developing analytical documents and the policy strategy on the above topics.