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First Training Task Force meeting

On November 24, the first Training Task Force Meeting took place. The team of trainers of the EU project "Association4U" met with representatives of central executive bodies, universities of Ukraine and international projects to present and discuss the newly created Training Catalog of the project.

34 persons, including 24 representatives of ministries/departments, international projects and higher educational institutions of Ukraine, as well as 10 representatives of the project participated in the event.

"The Association4U project has a wide range of trainings in different directions. I would like to ask participants to focus particularly on the commitments on the Association Agreement with the EU and on crisis management issues", suggested Ms. Polina Kazakevych, representative of the Government Office of European and Euroatlantic integration.

The Key Expert on Human Resource Development, Mr. Mark Pinder, spoke about the project's development, training activities and introduced the team of trainers to the participants. Senior Training Fellow Ms. Lyudmyla Chernyaha presented the Catalogue. "Our activity is not confined to lectures or interactive classes. Trainings are of practical importance and will help civil servants to carry out their duties effectively, " Lyudmyla said. The project's Training Catalogue contains the following learning lines: European integration, Legal Approximation, Association Agreement/DCFTA, Policy Making and Public Service Management, Development of Leadership and Management skills, Public Communication, Training for Trainers.

In the second part of the meeting, the Senior Training Fellow Ms. Svitlana Batsyukova held an interactive discussion with the participants on the communication strategy - how exactly the ministries, departments, and higher educational institutions can learn about the results of the trainings. From 45% to 55% of participants in the process of interactive discussion noted that each of the learning lines is "very relevant and necessary." Participants identified the main objectives of the Task Force as follows: dissemination of information about training, decision-making on the content of trainings, evaluation of the effectiveness and content of trainings, ensuring the sustainability and continuity of training initiatives. Among the issues regarding participation in training of civil servants the following were identified: high workload and ineffective communication within the structural subdivisions of executive bodies, low motivation of participants to take part in trainings (lack of direct connection between the level of qualification and promotion), misunderstanding of the practical value of trainings. Representatives of central executive bodies identified the following learning outcomes of trainings: deepening and systematization of knowledge, adapting knowledge to the field of activity of the government, establishing partnership interagency relations, improving practical skills, launching new initiatives.

Within the framework of the meeting, it was agreed that the participants will work out and send their recommendations on the improvement of the Training Catalog, which will be useful for future Task Force meetings.