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Training on Public Administration Reform for Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

On 1st December a new training program, initiated and conducted by Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the National Agency for Civil Service started.

26 people who have been appointed as Directors-General took part in the training. The training supports the participants in familiarisation with modern public sector management and evidence-based public policymaking.

The training was opened by Tatiana Kovtun, Deputy State Secretary, Darina Marchak, Programme leader. 

Team Leader of the EU-funded project Association4U Janos Zakonyi conducted a discussion on the expectations of the programme. During the first session of training short-term experts of the project Tibor Draskovics, Rafal Hykawi and Marc den van Muyzenberg discussed EU experience with the participants. 

Also Igor Koliushko — Head of the Board of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform, Roman Kobets — director of the European Information and Research Center at the Parliament, Kostiantyn Vashchenko — Head of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, Oleksiy Honcharuk contributed to the programme.

The following key issues addressed were

  • lessons learned based on the previous public administration reform;
  • reform in Ukraine (historical aspect);
  • the system of public administration in its current stage: what works and does not work in the Ukrainian government;
  • the ideal model of public administration and the role of the Directorate for Strategic Planning and European Integration in this model.

The training has both theoretical and practical value. The participants performed exercises on the analysis of the policy issues in the groups. As the result of the training, directors will be able to create and implement new Ukrainian policy in a common methodology. That allows avoiding divergences in the future. 

With the support of international experts in public administration, policy analysis, and strategic planning, the new Directors form a team of change leaders, synchronize the work of their directorates and study the modern tools of policymaking.