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How you can become a member of the Association4U Fellows team?

Three years ago, Ukraine has made a clear choice in favor of European integration. Today realization of this choice requires coordination of joint efforts of state institutions, business and civil society, coordinating our efforts with you in favor of the country as a whole and each of us in particular.

To fulfill a number of commitments that Ukraine faces within the framework of the Association Agreement with the European Union is not so simple task, but it is possible with the existing partner support from the EU. In Ukraine, in order to strengthen and develop the capacity of government institutions, businesses and civil society, to effectively implement reforms, the implementation of technical assistance projects, respectively, aimed at helping businesses, supporting non-governmental organizations or government institutions.

EU Association4U project - "Support to the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement"

According to the EU-Ukraine Comprehensive Institutional Building Program (CIB), Ukraine is implementing the EU Project "Support to the Implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU" (Association4U), the main beneficiaries of which are the Government Office for the Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration with the Office of the Vice-Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine and the profile ministries, which implement Association Agreement in accordance with their commitments.

In turn, within the Association4U there is a "Fellowship Program" which purpose is to attract specialists in the field of legislative approximation, legal translation, sectoral policies, communications and public relations development and implementation - in order to help Ukrainian government institutions in time and fully implement the commitments undertaken by Ukraine under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

How does the "Fellowship Program" work?

EU Association4U project searches and pre-selects candidates, invites candidates for in-terviews with representatives of beneficiaries - government institutions where future fellows will work. The joint interview is preceded by a stage of checking CVs of candidates for compliance with the stated selection criteria. If your CV corresponds to the stated selection criteria and the needs of the beneficiary in your knowledge and skills either in the field of legislative approximation whether in the field of development and implementation of sectoral policies whether in legal translations, training or communications, the candidate receives an invitation to work. It should be noted separately that you have a contract for the provision of services (both with a individual or individual entrepreneur), which allows you to simultaneously gain experience in both the EU technical assistance project and the relevant ministries / departments, and also at the Government Office for Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration and in the Office of theVice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration.

The first fellows under the Program started their work in September 2016. Today, more than 140 fellows work in the project and government institutions in general.



Who can become Association4U fellow?

General requirements: Any citizen of Ukraine who has not been in the civil service for at least six months before application for participation in the Program may have a bachelor or master's degree in the relevant professional field (depending on fellow), and fluent in Ukrainian and English languages.

For your attention, the step-by-step description of the system of this program's work:

The European Union allocating funds for the implementation of the program --> Government agencies assess their need for human resources --> The project, together with the institutions, hires specialists -->Selected experts work on common European integration tasks


Beneficiaries of the project:

The Government Office for the Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration and the Office of the Vice-Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of social policy, Ministry of economic development and trade, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of infrastructure, Ministry of education, Ministry of agrarian policy and food, Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, Ministry of Justice, State Regulation of Financial Services, (State Statistics Service of Ukraine), Ombudsman's Office, Food Safety Agency.


Activity of the EU project Association4U carried out in four directions:

- legislative approximation (a clear comparison of the legislation of Ukraine and the European Union, the approximation of Ukrainian legislation to the European one) and the translation of documents related to the Association Agreement, in which the most basic coma plays a decisive role;
- human resources development (conducting trainings);
- sectoral policy (writing strategies, monitoring the implementation of the Association Agreement by a separate institution);
- communication (improving communication between the public authorities and civil society in the reform process).

Each direction of activity has its tasks, the timing of these tasks, as well as responsibilities. We must pay attention to the fact that each of the areas of activity already has the big achievements, more about which you can learn from our daily news on the official page of the EU project Association4U.

If you are a member of fellowship program, then your efforts and aspirations will be noticed, and your work will yield fruitful results. In addition, you have the opportunity to develop and deepen your knowledge and skills. The project employs experienced trainers who train not only civil servants but also project fellows for whom they hold practical seminars.

 If you are interested in work, follow the vacancies of the EU Association4U project on our website http://www.association4u.com.ua/ in the section Vacancies / Job Offers