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The EU-funded project "Association4U" conducted a training on the approximation of law for civil servants


On May 30-31, the EU-funded project "Association4U" that provides technical assistance to Ukrainian government institutions on the effective implementation of the Association Agreement, organized a training for civil servants on the approximation of Ukrainian legislation to the European Union standards.

The training was conducted by Ralf Jülich, the Association4U short-term expert from Germany. The trainer has 22 years of experience in the field of legal reforms and public law. Ralf has written numerous analytical publications on the implementation of European politics and has a vast legal expertise. During the two-day training, state experts from the Directorates of four Ukrainian Ministries received information about the key requirements for the legal approximation of Ukrainian legislation and drafting of legislation in line with the standards of rule of law.

The participants had an opportunity to discuss the issues faced by public services in the process of drafting laws and performing their adaptation to the requirements of the European Union. In particular, the training focused on the improvement of the structure of legislation, the correct use of legal terminology, the qualitative definition of principles and different definitions, and the ability to formulate regulations consistent with Ukrainian legislation.

The participants were awarded certificates for successful participation at the training and were encouraged to participate in other training events, offered by Association4U.