Component III

 Policy Coherence, Coordination & Implementation

What do we do in this area?

  • Improving policy and decision making in the area of EU integration and implementation of the Association Agreement.
  • Enhancing coordination of the AA implementation among key stakeholders in terms of strategic planning, policy analysis and policy-based budgeting.
  • Improving institutional infrastructure for coordination of the AA implementation.
  • Establishing inter-agency system for progress reporting, monitoring, evaluation & adjustment of the AA implementation process.

All publications, prepared by the STEs, are available for downloading:

Impact of the AA/DCFTA 

Impact of the AA/DCFTA on Sectors

Sustainable Development and Trade under AA/DCFTA 

Guides to the Policy Impact Assesment


Comments to the Draft Rules of Procedures of the Cabinet of Ministers

Comments on the improvement of the coordination of the AA-implementaion

 Other comments:

Functional Review Results

Analytical Reports

Discussion Papers

  • "First Mission and Inception Report Inputs for Industrial Dialogue under DCFTA based on Analysis and Business Consultations" (download)


Digests and Reviews

  • EUI Policy  Reform Digest - June-July 2018 (download)
  • Reflections on the 20th EU-Ukraine Summit-July 2018 (download)
  • Quick Review of 2017 GOCEEI Report & Kiev Security Conference, 12-13 April 2018 (download)
  • Ukraine Reform Conferences, June 2018, Copenhagen (download